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☆Millions of Bows☆
&&Dreaming of Roriiiiiiiii~ and other life updates ;3; 
13th-Oct-2010 08:30 pm
Sailor Moon~

I feel bad for not updating for so long!

I didn't take any pictures or anything for AWA, beacuse i have no camera, but man it was fun! I wish there were more opportunities for everyone to just meet and chill out in our best frills, and the guarantee of everyone being there and the venue and aaaaaaa
It's the best. One day I will travel to a bunnnch of conventions x3

Also! I had this wacko dream last night, that I was driving to another state with my grandma and little brother for vacation or something? or actually, I was driving home from vacation, and I saw AP's cookie bag on a picknick bench in a park off the highway, and FLIPPED out until the car was magically parked in the park parking lot (xD) And I got out and realized there were maybe, around seven AP bags scattered around the park and no other cars ment that they had been abandoned! poor little bags D:
So, I gathered them all up, (and they were reaallly cute! I think it was the cookie bag, the pony bag, a heart bag, red and white pochette, a wallet, a star bag, and something else I cannot remember for the life of me.) and when I got home, I frantically went onto the LJ community of whatever state I was in and posted "I FOUD ALL THESE ABANDONED BAGS AT YOUR PARRK~ HOW I GET THEM BACK TO YOU GUYSESSS" or something, and all the comments on the post were like
"how sweet of you to worry, but you can have mine!"
"awww, we left them there for a reason :) enjoyyy!""
and stuff like that. ;o; I was so surprised that I woke up, and that dream has stayed with me all day xD I usually forget them immediately lol.

.....maybe this is telling me I reallly need a new bag? roflol

Fall is here~ except in GA that means all in the morning and summer in the afternoon, BUT all of my fall clothes have magically disappered again, (or I have completely abandoned most of last years clothesss maybeee hurrrr) and I really need to go shopping <3

but no moneyy ;^; I need a coat and maybe boots too. if anything, I'll get some boots for xmas,though, along with MORE RORI THINGSS OH YEAH.

And halloween! I reaaaaally wanted to be sailor moon, since I'm watching the series right now (on Stars finally! No fillers <333). Buuuuuut, I havn't gotten any fabric/materials/anything and its already the 13th and I really have no clue how to bodice and its so much more complicated and...I'm going to buy a blouse and JSK or skirt or something, because jeez xD Im lazy.

I wasn't palnning on writing too much today, and I don't have any of my september outfits to post today, but I've made some outfit posts on other comms that I'll link to instead for now, and I'll post all of my pictures later :D Byebye for now~ <3

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14th-Oct-2010 08:17 pm (UTC)
I need some money to buy fabric! haha I've been itching to sew for a while but i have nothinggg That sounds like somuch fuun x3 I hope you suceed >D And get to make an epic-cupcake dress thing xD
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