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☆Millions of Bows☆
&&Make it pink! 
27th-Jul-2010 11:34 am
Sailor Moon~
Sorry for not updating for some time, i'm just a really boring person. xD
I finally get to redo my room! Its been a nasty beige color ever since i moved in, and i can't stannd it xD
I'm painting it pink and white striped, already have the paint and im ready to go :D
So far, my room is primed and one lonely wall is painted white xD
I ran out of rollers pretty fast, and no one will take me to get anymore for some reason :/
I can't wait until my rooms pretty, but i wish i could hurry up and finish it.
i mean, while its like this i have to sleep on the couch, which is not comfortable at all. And waking up with people around me is weeeeird. Hopefully I can get some painting done today, but i doubt it for some reason xDD
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